“An intense, single-semester seminar that is a journey from page to stage. Students analyze, in-depth, one of Shakespeare’s major works and create a full-blown production of that work. Students also analyze and discuss additional works by and about Shakespeare. Areas of literary focus include character and plot analysis, language and comedy, dramatic tension, and social and cultural mores during Elizabethan times. Students gain such a fluid understanding of Elizabethan English that is becomes a second language to them — and their performance of the work reflects that deep understanding of the language.

Students work on every aspect of stage production — blocking, set design, costume design, sound, lighting. Students learn to create their characters with distinct physical and linguistic attributes, and to act and react in tandem and with great fluidity with scene partners. Dramatic focus is on “matching the word to the action, the action to the word,” to convey the meaning and full effect of the dialogue to the audience. Students learn strategies for maintaining the kind of “internal dialogue” for their characters that allows for appropriate in-character actions and reactions both present and absent spoken lines; they are encouraged to use their own creativity in inhabiting roles and making the characters their own, and in creating stage direction and blocking. They work as a team and as a community and create an awe-inspiring production.” – Lois Shea, Director



This year they take on Shakespeare's rapturous and rollicking comedy, "As You Like It"


Rehearsals and performances take place in the quaint Warner Town Hall of New Hampshire. The troupe starts rehearsing in early March and the production will open in early June.

The Drama Troupe is in its 11th year of creating top-notch productions of Shakespeare’s works in a
 classic New England setting.